Which properties make a metal a good material to use for electrical wires?


A. Malleability and reactivity

B. Ductility and malleability

C. Reactivity and conductivity

D. Conductivity and ductility

Answer: – D. Conductivity and ductility

Electric wires are a type of conductor, which is a resource that carries electricity. The ductility of electric wires is an important property. The capacity of a resource to be pulled or twisted without fracture is referred to as ductility. This indicates how’soft’ or flexible the resource is. Steel’s flexibility varies depending on the types and degrees of alloying components present. They allow buildings to flex without fracturing. The idea of the wire is defined by ductility and conductivity. In the case of wire ropes, the wires usually sustain mechanical loads. Wires are electrical cables with a solid core that are used in electrical and communications signals. Copper has been used in the development of wires since.

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