When you attack someone while you’re angry on the road, it’s


Answer:- Road rage and aggressive driving are not the same thing, even if they both include risky driving behaviors. When someone engages in moving traffic violations that endanger other drivers or their property, aggressive driving results. These offenses include cutting off other vehicles, speeding, following, abruptly changing lanes without warning, and failing to yield the right of way. Although any of these offenses may result in a traffic citation, they do not prove to be acts of road rage.


The chief difference flanked by aggressive driving and road rage is how the law delicacies it.  Aggressive driving can consequence in offence traffic tickets. The person pays their fine. They get a point or two on the driving record. The auto insurance rewards might even move up. Road rage is well-thought-out of a criminal offense, since the driver winning in it has the determined to cause harm. They can move up to the jail. They can pay costly fines. In a worst-case scenario, you can be sentenced of a felony


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