NSWCATOD Law Society of New South Wales v Clifton Assignment Solutions to Questions


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NSWCATOD Law Society


NSWCATOD Law Society of New South Wales v Clifton Assignment


Part A (maximum 1,250 words)


Read Council of the NSWCATOD Law Society of New South Wales v Clifton

The directors of your conveyancing firm want you to prepare a clear and concise email for all team members so they can easily grasp:

  • key issues in the Clifton case
  • recent regulatory changes
  • practice risks if trust accounting regulations are not followed including penalties
  • best practice processes for trust accounting compliance
  • key sections of relevant legislation and regulations
  • importance of public confidence in the profession; and
  • practical steps in practice processes to prevent what happened in the Clifton case.


Part B (maximum 750 words)


The office manager of your firm, Daphne has explained to you that your firm is now promoting the firm on a company LinkedIn page and has asked you to write a blog for the firm’s LinkedIn page regarding cost agreements in light of the regulatory reforms for conveyancers that were introduced in 2021.

Daphne’s brief your blog follows:

  • be informative using plain user friendly language to explain the key reforms and the client benefits; and
  • emphasise the firm’s highly professional way of dealing with clients; and
  • outline their competitive approach to charging clients which enhances transparency for the client; and
  • be original and creative.




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