Case Study on Eco-Friendly Malaysian Brand Homework Answers


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Biodegradable packaging, renewable energy and charitable partnerships are just some of the initiative’s brands are adopting as more customers demand environmental and social responsibility for a more sustainable future. But more than a way to appease socially responsible consumers, investing in such initiatives can be a smart move that allows companies to boost sales while protecting the planet and its people. I-eco Malaysia specialized in wholesale, distribution, and provides high quality, environmentally friendly products. The house brand i~eCo, offers their customers choices of environmentally friendly laundry powder besides selling organic based beauty and hygiene care products such as homemade soaps, essential oils and environment safe tools. They are committed to the environment and to the health of all people. Covid- 19 has reflected the growth of I-eco Malaysia when their customers being flexible and exposed to purchase online. As part of the marketing team, you are required to conduct market research to help the team develop a marketing plan that will increase the engagement and conversion rate of the brand through social media. Since the company is still new in the industry and also in social media, it is crucial for them to offer the best value to the right market. Conduct market research by identifying the following information.

  1. The marketing environment • Micro – 10 marks • Macro – 30 marks
  2. SWOT analysis – 20 marks
  3. Objective of the plan- 5 marks
  4. Segmentation and targeting – 20 marks.
  5. Differentiation – 10 marks
  6. Positioning – 5 marks


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