BUS7001D Managing Within a Competitive Environment Assignment Questions


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 5000


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Learning Outcomes:


After completing the module, you should be able to:

  • Analyse an organisation’s competitive, external environment using appropriate models.
  • Critically evaluate decision making methodologies.
  • Critically evaluate the value of published financial information to stakeholders.
  • Respond to stakeholder influences on an organisation.
  • Incorporate risk and uncertainty in applying decision making methodologies.
  • Use financial information to evaluate an organisation’s strategic performance.
  • Professional Skills: Perform effectively within the professional Work within a team, demonstrating interpersonal skills such as effective listening, negotiating, persuading and presentation. Be flexible and adaptable to changes within the professional environment.


Part 1: Presentation


Assignment Task – Presentation


You are required to produce a PowerPoint presentation identifying how an organisation of your choosing has responded to a specific stakeholder need with respect to a strategic initiative. For example, if the initiative in question was a corporate re-structuring you might show how employees or trade unions were involved, or if the initiative was a proposed merger you might look at the position of the staff.


Your presentation should:

  • briefly explain the nature of the specific initiative
  • identify the stakeholder group and explain their relationship with the organisation
  • identify and discuss the stakeholder group’s needs
  • and evaluate how the needs of the stakeholder group was met

Relevant notes should be submitted with the slides


Part 2: Report


Assignment Task – Report


Option 1


This option requires that you consider a decision or strategic initiative made by an organisation of your choice. It may be the same or different to that in Part 1.


This option requires that you evaluate the ways in which financial and other data was used in making the strategic decision. You should:

  • consider elements such as: the financial and competitive position of the firm, information relating to the external environment, data collection; reliability; and risk factors.
  • consider relevant strategic models used in making the decision.
  • also consider how the exercise might be improved if repeated.


Option 2


If you do not have access to the internal workings of an organisation’s decision processes, then you should, from the perspective of a shareholder, critically evaluate a specific decision made by a business organisation. You should:

  • consider matters such as: the financial and competitive position of the firm in the period leading up to the decision; information relating to the external environment; the rationale for the decision, the associated risk factors, and the expected results.
  • consider the value of the key information, theories and models that you have used to evaluate the decision.
  • critically evaluate the outcome of the decision in terms of the performance of the firm relative to its main competitors.


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