Architecture Assignments Questions and Answers for student


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Architecture Assignments



Architecture Assignments Questions 


Q1. (SSUD71-206) Discuss briefly key ideas behind a community participation model. Explain the importance of community engagement in building sustainable communities.


Q2. (SSUD71-206) What are some of the key ideas aroundsocial sustainability? Provide some examples of ways you can make a city of your choice more socially sustainable.


Q3. (SSUD71-206) What are some of the key planning challenges in Aboriginal communities?  Explain them using a case study of an Aboriginal community from Australia or another country.


Q4. (SSUD71-206) Discuss the evolving meaning of community planning with reference to key concepts.  Explain the strengths and weaknesses of three concepts of your choice.


Q5. (SSUD71-206) Discuss some of the key principles of community services planning.  Explain some of the implementation mechanisms for community planning.


Q6. What types of flooring is available for your animals-


  • Slated
  • Plastic
  • Natural grass
  • Wire mesh

Q7. What type of fixtures are there within the accommodation- e.g gates/windows, water and food troughs/ hay racks/ – please discuss why and how they are used?


Q8. What lighting should be provided for your animals?


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