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Students are expected to discuss developments in either community care or residential care policy (regulation and guidance) and legislation (Acts of Parliament) in the country of student’s choice, identify major issues and challenges related to the chosen type of care provision and make suggestions for improvement based on their findings.


  • In order to answer the question, you are required to:
    • Choose a country
    • Choose either community care or residential care (i.e. care homes without nursing)
    • Discuss developments in either community care policy/legislation or residential care policy/legislation in the chosen country (depending on the type of care chosen). You must discuss the history of community or residential care provision in this section, discussing relevant legislation (Acts of Parliament) and/or policy (regulation and guidance) in a chronological order.
    • Identify challenges related to the provision of the type of care chosen in the chosen country
    • Make suggestions for improvement to overcome the challenges identified


  • You must use a minimum of 8 academic sources (i.e. only peer-reviewed journal articles are counted as academic sources). You are encouraged to carry out wider reading.


  • Whether your choice is community care or residential care, your discussion must be in the context of provision of social care, not health care or nursing care.


  • Ensure that you include your in-text references. In all cases, in-text citations must match up with what appears in your reference list. Every in-text citation should correspond to a reference on the list at the end (and vice versa).


  • You must use the Harvard referencing system. The University officially advises students to use the following website for referencing guidelines:


  • For every issue/challenge you identified, there must be a matching solution/suggestion for improvement. The suggestions can be made based on your own ideas OR ideas from the academic sources (you must reference if the ideas are not yours).


  • No more than 5% of your work should be in the form of quotes.


  • You must write in your own words. You are reminded that plagiarism of any type will be penalised and result in a fail.


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