ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice Question and Answer




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This assignment develops research and critical thinking abilities. It is a critical analysis/review of an academic article.


Changes in technology are impacting accounting and how accountants perform their jobs.

This activity will provide students information on new trends in accounting field.



Download and critically analyse an academic article written by Olivier Desplebin et. al. This article can be found in the Torrens University library using the following citation: Desplebin, O., Lux, G., & Petit, N. (2021). To Be or Not to Be: Blockchain and the Future of Accounting and Auditing*. Accounting Perspectives, 20(4), 743–769.

You may use an essay format or any other acceptable academic format for critical review. Use APA 7 referencing style guide. Use minimum 5 academic references.


Answer the following questions during your analysis.


  1. Discuss the four phases of blockchain technology? Discuss some of the ways blockchain can be used in accounting and auditing. Give some specific examples.
  2. The authors discuss three main issues with future of blockchain in accounting. Critically review any potential issues or problems with blockchain technology being used in accounting
  3. Do you agree or disagree with any arguments made by the authors? Explain your point of view and provide evidence in support of your point of views from other academic resources.
  4. Are you interested as an accountant to developing skills in blockchain technology? If so, where would you start? What certifications or qualifications would you aim for?


To answer all the above questions: Review the article provided and search for related academic journal articles. Use minimum 5 academic references Academic skills resources: Analysing the Brief, Essay Writing, and Critical Thinking These resources can be downloaded from LASU – Learning and Academic Skills Unit on Blackboard



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