4HSK0077 Foundations of Health & Wellbeing Assignment Solutions to Questions


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2500


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4HSK0077 Foundations of Health


Learning Outcomes:


Successful students will typically:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the evidence base for: i) The professional context of nursing practice. ii) Concepts of health and wellbeing. iii)  The social, political and economic context of health and wellbeing.


  1. Use their knowledge base to enhance their own practice. 2. Identify the best practice approaches to take a history, observe, accurately assess the following, in individuals of all ages: i) Factors that may affect wellbeing. ii) Mental health and wellbeing. iii) Deterioration in physical health.




Answer all questions and please note the marks allocation for each question, the total marks available is 100.  Please type your answers directly onto the workbook under each question (you can also type your answers onto another word document and upload this however you must clearly identify the question number of each answer). There is a total of 10 questions, please check that you have fully answered each question before submission. Please write your answers in your own words, avoid directly copying text (plagiarism), Turnitin will be available for all submissions. You will not be expected to provide references for this assessment.


Answers to All Questions 


1. Using an example from your field of practice, define autonomy and then describe how you would ensure this for the patients or individuals that you are supporting or providing care for? (10 marks)


2. Explain what is required for claim of negligence to be proven against a qualified nurse. (10 marks available)


3. Moze Petrauskas is a 12-year-old boy who is a patient on the ward, he was born in Lithuania and has lived in the UK for a year.  He has had a bone fracture correction operation, two days ago. Moze has a learning disability and is non-verbal. His parents have not been able to stay with him due to caring responsibilities and work, but they are able to visit him daily.



Please describe how the nurse could assess Moze’s pain, including the use of tools, observations and communication with Moze.  (10 marks available)


4. (a) Describe 1 example from your field of practice that shows how a nurse could breach a patients confidentiality including which legislation would apply. (5 marks)


(b) Describe an example from your field of practice that shows how a nurse could ensure confidentiality for a patient in their care. (5 marks)


5. (a) Explain what the SBAR tool is. (2 marks)


(b) Using the SBAR tool, describe an example from your field of practice, of how this tool could be used. (8 marks)


6. (a) Please state what the ‘Protected Characteristics’ are under the Equality Act 2010 (5 marks)


(b) Please explain what discrimination by perception is (5 marks)


7. Please fully describe, step by step, how you would measure manually a patient’s blood pressure, from the initial contact with the patient until when the procedure is completed and documented. (10 marks available)


8. (a) You have been asked to obtain a pulse oximetry reading for Mr. Bakare. Please explain how you would undertake this reading and what this reading will measure. (5 marks)


(b) When undertaking this task, what factors do you need to consider that may affect the accuracy of the reading? (5 marks)


9. (a) Demonstrate an understanding of what organisational factors there could be, which could impact on the personal resilience of nurses (5 marks)


b) Please give an example of what an organisation could do to help build the personal resilience of nurses they employ (5 marks)


10. Please explain what is meant by the term Health Inequalities, identify a group from the population who are socially excluded and explain why they can experience health inequalities. (10 marks)


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