What is Debate?


A debate is a type of formal argument on any particular matter in any public meeting or even legislative assembly. Here appoint arguments are put forward and mostly end in a vote.


How to Choose Good Debate Topics?


  • The topic needs to be very much relevant
  • It should not be too broad or narrow
  • Need to be interesting
  • There needs to be sufficient supporting materials
  • Need to have value


Types of debates


  • Persuasive Debates: The aim of these types of debates is to persuade the audience. These topics usually involve any problem or subject that people care about the most. The debtors also need to be very much interested in the topics.
  • Argumentative Debates: These types of debates cover certain types of issues, problems, phenomena or subjects that are deliberated. Here comprehensive researches are to be done to get a solution.
  • Controversial Debates: As the name suggests, there are debates with challenging and uncommon topics.



150 Best Debate Topic Lists of 2023


Social Debate Topics


  1. All need to have access to gun
  2. Legalization of human cloning
  3. Should death penalty be abolished?
  4. All types of drugs to be legalized
  5. Banning animal testing
  6. Juveniles to be tried and judged as adults
  7. Violent video games to be banned
  8. Effects of climatic change
  9. Setting minimum wages
  10. Sex work to be legalized


Political Issues Debate Topics


  1. Monarchy should be abolished worldwide
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Religious institutions should also be taxed
  4. Having enough members on the jury
  5. Removal of the illegal immigrants
  6. Should we carry auto weapons?
  7. True meaning of patriotism
  8. Expenses of political campaigns to be borrowed by corporates
  9. Should churches pay taxes?
  10. Should police force use lethal weapons?


Education Debate Topics


  1. Selective schools
  2. Public vs Private schools
  3. University enrolment requirements
  4. Single-sex schools
  5. Standardized testing
  6. School holiday lengths
  7. School hours
  8. University vs trade schools / TAFE, etc.
  9. Online vs In-Person Education
  10. Class composition


Healthcare Debate Topics


  1. Healthcare sector post-pandemic
  2. Is healthcare a right or privilege?
  3. Credibility of the health insurance companies
  4. Treatment for chronic diseases
  5. Does free healthcare schemes work?
  6. Value-based healthcare
  7. R and D to upgrade the healthcare sector
  8. AI (Artificial Intelligence) application in healthcare
  9. Integrated behavior health research
  10. Genetic Research a new evolution in the healthcare sector


Technology Debate Topics


  1. Are cell phones the best ever available mobile device?
  2. Is the Internet really useful
  3. How to limit children’s access to the cyber world
  4. Ill effects of video gaming
  5. Can computers have consciousness in future?
  6. Pros and cons of virtual reality
  7. Is it ethical to build a robot with consciousness?
  8. AI in healthcare
  9. Are auto vehicles safe on busy roads?
  10. Can mobile phones kill our social skills?



Environmental Issues Debate Topics


  1. Animals should also have rights like humans
  2. Benefits of urban gardening
  3. Shall we switch to electric cars?
  4. Plastic use to be banned worldwide
  5. Animal exports to be banned
  6. Benefits of organic farming in preventing soil erosion
  7. Can nuclear power be used in the pace of fossil fuels?
  8. How can sustainable energy production be done
  9. Can we be blamed for global warming?
  10. Renewable energy as an environmentally friendly source


Debating Financial and Policy Matters


  1. Rent vs buy
  2. Buy vs lease
  3. Invest vs pay off debts
  4. Permanent life insurance vs term insurance
  5. Mutual funds vs ETF
  6. Pay Off Credit Card Debt vs Emergency Fund
  7. 15 vs 30 Year Mortgage
  8. Shall we use credit cards or avoid them
  9. How to deal with Non-performing assets NPA s?
  10. How to deal with global economic inflation


Debating Historical Matters


  1. Origins of World War 1
  2. Reasons for World War 2
  3. Russia-Ukraine war
  4. British Generalship and Haig in war
  5. Women’s role and effects in war
  6. In love and war
  7. How soldiers cope with war
  8. How do soldiers deal with PTSD post-war?
  9. Historiography of world War
  10. German atrocities in World War


Topics for Fun-Filled Debates


  1. Pepperoni is the best topping for pizza
  2. Hot chocolate vs milkshake
  3. Fruit counts as dessert
  4. Coca Cola vs Pepsi
  5. Ice cream vs cake
  6. Al families need to have pets
  7. Summer vs winter
  8. Modern music vs classical music
  9. Clowns are more scary than funny
  10. Dogs vs cats as pets



Controversial Debate Topics


  1. Should all types of drug tests be made legal?
  2. Has technology impacted people’s laziness
  3. Can the death penalty exist
  4. Should the minimum age for voting be lowered
  5. Is voting right needed for all citizens
  6. Preventive measures for rigging in voting
  7. How to prevent cyberbullying
  8. How to prevent unethical hacking
  9. How democracy is the best government structure
  10. Can gay marriage be legalized globally?


General Debate Topics


  1. Should abortion be made legal worldwide?
  2. Using alternative sources of energy
  3. How can the USA become socialist?
  4. Pros and cons of animal dissection in classes
  5. Legal codes for allowing animal testing for certain essential sectors
  6. Is artificial intelligence good for society?
  7. Should banned books be made available to the children?
  8. Is binge-watching good for us?
  9. Should bottled water be banned?
  10. Pros and cons of canned food


Moral Debate Topics


  1. Is abortion a right thing?
  2. Can alcohol be banned?
  3. Can there be strict constitutions
  4. Is sex education right for minors
  5. Can the Constitution breach human freedom
  6. Totalitarianism abolition
  7. Bestiality ban
  8. Human cloning ban
  9. Cage fighting ban
  10. Ban on illegal drugs


Debate Topics for Teens


  1. How to prevent youth criminalization
  2. Is it ethical to have early-stage abortions for teenagers?
  3. Should the wealth penalty be abolished globally?
  4. Can electronic databases replace libraries in youth?
  5. Can minimum wages be raised?
  6. How to prevent drug addiction in youth
  7. Can euthanasia be legalized?
  8. Can taking marijuana among teenagers be legal?
  9. Proper rehabs for teenage drug addicts
  10. How to prevent teen agrees to join terrorist groups


Debate Topics for High School


  1. Is it good to be famous?
  2. Children should choose school subjects
  3. Is the present digital age making children’s life better?
  4. Role of children in climate change
  5. Teachers should no longer be allowed to smack children in the name of teaching
  6. Children should never be subjected to domestic violence of any kind
  7. Banning dangerous sports among minors
  8. Books vs television
  9. Books vs web
  10. Children and young people need pets


Debate Topics for College Students


  1. Is a college degree essential for getting a good job?
  2. Should college education be made free?
  3. Should higher studies be made debt free?
  4. Do schools need armed security guards?
  5. Should drug detection tests be conducted at schools levels?
  6. Should schools provide cash incentives for good exam scores?
  7. Can educational instituted create tremendous pressure on children
  8. How to prevent violence among school students
  9. Best laptops for school students
  10. Should fast food be banned in schools?


How to Prepare for Both Supporting Arguments and Counterarguments While Debating?


  • Knowing your topic: All the debates begin with a moderator assigning you a topic. There are always two sides in the event -an affirmative position and an opposing position. Regardless of any position assigned to you, you always need to know about the given topic details. This will help you in arguing well. Knowledge is always the very foundation of your debate.


  • Preparing your own arguments: After learning about your topic, you can proceed in preparing your own arguments. Arguments are actually the points that defend your stand on any particular debate topic. Here, you need to write up all of your arguments. Apart from listing your arguments, brainstorming is to be conducted with the teammates. This will always help you in avoiding all the redundancies as well as synthesizing the related arguments.


  • Evaluating your arguments: After getting acquainted with the arguments, you need to evaluate the quality of the arguments. Evaluation of your arguments is always needed to state the best and strongest points.


  • Be ready for your refutations: in order to do your debate effectively, you need to know very well how to prepare the refutations. A man is to contest your opposite arguments.


  • Do your rehearsal: Do a proper rehearsal of the entire debate topic.


  • Practising before a mirror: This is one of the most effective ways you can become a good debater as well a good presenter in Infront of the public.


Final Thoughts


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