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What Do you Mean by Case Study?


A Case study is a sub-Category of research design that analyses problems and offers solutions. Case studies are suitable for expressing, comparing, evaluating and apprehending different aspects of a research problem.


What Types of Case Studies do we cover in Our Case Study Writing Help Services in Australia?


Below are writing some other types of case studies that psychologists and other experimenters might utilize:


Collective: They entail researching a population of people. A community as a whole or a specific population group may be the subject of a study.


Descriptive: For each of these, a descriptive theory is the foundation. The information acquired from the subjects’ observations is then compared to the prevailing theory.


Explanatory: They are frequently employed in causal analysis. In other words, scientists are interested in examining elements that might be to blame for specific events.


Exploratory: They are occasionally used as a starting point for longer, in-depth research. This enables scientists to amass more data before formulating their research questions and hypotheses.


Instrumental: These happen when a person or group makes it possible for researchers to comprehend more than what is initially clear to onlookers.


Intrinsic: When a researcher does a case study, they usually have a personal stake in the outcome. A nice example of how an intrinsic cast study might aid in developing a psychological theory is seen in Jean Piaget’s studies of his own children.


What are the Initial Steps for Draft A Case Study?


Case Study Help

Step 1: Select a Case Study


When your problem statement and research questions are complete, you should be prepared to select the particular example you wish to focus on.

A strong case study should have the capacity to:

  • Provide fresh perspectives on the topic;
  • Question or muddle accepted beliefs and notions.
  • Provide workable solutions to a problem;
  • Bring up fresh avenues for future research


Step 2: Build a Theoretical Framework


Case studies should be connected to the theory in the field, even if they tend to concentrate more on specifics than on broad concepts. By doing this, the case study contributes to the body of knowledge already available on the subject rather than serving as a standalone account.

It could be used to:

  • Illustrate a theory by demonstrating how it explains the case being investigated;
  • Develop a theory by identifying additional concepts and ideas that should be included;
  • Question a theory by examining an outlier case that deviates from presumptions that have been made;


Step 3: Collect Your Data


You can get information on your subject using a variety of research techniques. Using techniques including interviews, observations, and examining primary and secondary sources, case studies frequently concentrate on qualitative data (e.g., newspaper articles, photographs, and official records). In some cases, a case study will also gather quantitative information.


Step 4: Describe and Analyze the Case


You must incorporate all the pertinent information when writing the case study to provide the reader with the fullest possible understanding of the issue.


The type of study you conduct will determine how you present your results. Some case studies have discrete sections or chapters for the techniques, findings, and discussion, much like a typical scientific paper or thesis.



What is the Structure and format of a Good Case Study Analysis?


The case study format is commonly made up of eight parts:


Executive summary: What will you be looking at in the case study? Summarize the area of study in your essay. Write a thesis statement and, in no more than two sentences, summarize the findings of your observation.


Background: Provide the most pertinent facts and historical context. Separate the problems.


Case Evaluation: Separate out the parts of the research you want to concentrate on. Describe why something works or doesn’t work in it.


Proposed Solutions: Give workable remedies for the issue at hand or suggestions for how to make the situation better as it is. Provide testable data to demonstrate why these strategies are effective.


Conclusion: summarize the key takeaways from the case evaluations and solutions offered.


Recommendations: Discuss the approach you might need to take. Describe why this option is the preferable one.


Implementation: Describe how to implement the specific methods.


References: Provide all of the References and citations.


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Some Special Guidance and Tricks for Draft a Best Case Study Paper


The best approach to show how valuable a theory or idea is to apply it in real-world situations. Case studies enable the dissection of real-world applications to reveal the thought processes involved.

  • Do not Make It About Yourself
  • Tell A Story
  • Lead With A Solution
  • Include Relevant Data
  • Always Use Specific Numbers
  • Keep It Succinct And Pass On The Fluff
  • Tailor Them To Your Audience
  • Make It Multi-Format
  • Let The Images Do The Work
  • Abstract It First
  • Know When To Insert Them Into The Campaign


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Useful Tips for Writing a Good Case Study Paper


Our case study helper has provided the following tips for writing a good case study assignment paper:


Case study: Case study writing in marketing is a study of different marketing strategies of any company. This hypothesis is explained and supported by any substantial analysis of the marketing strategies of any company.


Select your topic carefully: Marketing management involves all the strategies and procedures after production. Your marketing case sty writing must be distinct from the human resource management and financial Management topics.


Follow a definite structure: First, write an overview of the case study argument or write clearly what you want to state. Then, follow it up with the research methods where you can write where you will conduct your research work with the research methods. This will be followed by describing the context and writing the main narrative of your case study assignment essay. Finally, summarize all your observations and results with your recommendation.


Be careful of the marketing tools: A thorough analysis of the environment can be done by following any of the theories. These theories are as follows:

PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal analysis).

SWOT Analysis or Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats analysis.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.


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