BSBMKG433 Undertake Marketing Activities Case Study Assignment Solutions to Questions


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BSBMKG433 Undertake Marketing


BSBMKG433 Undertake marketing activities


Assessment 1

Part A

Question 1: Very often the marketing concept is misunderstood and not given the importance it deserves within a business? In your own words define the concept of marketing and explain why it is important for business long term sustainability?


Question 2: List and briefly explain at least 2 examples of marketing opportunities?


Question 3: Discuss how production is related to marketing success?


Question 4: In your own words define the concept of the product and explain why it is an essential element of the marketing mix?


Question 5: Explain the importance of knowing and understanding the difference between sales and marketing?


Question 6: Discuss if businesses should make marketing decisions considering society’s long-term interests or not?


Question 7: Discuss the importance of Organizational marketing policies and procedures in achieving marketing success?


Question 8: How can businesses make sure that their sources of marketing information are reliable and accurate? Discuss in detail?


Assessment 2: Undertake marketing activities

For this assessment, you will analyze at least one relevant marketing activity of an
Australian based business of your choice? This could be any relevant marketing activity? Please make sure you choose a business to which you have reasonable access to information such as:

  • General business information
    • Marketing Information such as Pricing, Promotion, Distribution and Product information
    • Stakeholders’ information
    • Marketing Plan
    • General marketing Policies and Procedures


Information can often be found in corporate sites, business media websites or annual
reports (if the Organisation is publicly listed)? Consult with your trainer for further
instructions? You may be required to participate in a variety of written or spoken exchanges to gather some of this information?


Please complete each one of the following tasks:

Part A

Question 1: Provide a brief description of the business you have chosen and its main product/service?

Question 2: a) Provide a brief summary of the marketing objectives of this business as per their marketing plan and relevant policies and procedures?


b) Explain the marketing activity you will analyses for this business?


c) Why is this marketing activity you have chosen important for the business’
competitiveness in its industry? Base your answer on industry trends and competitive


Question 3: Outline the action plan for the marketing activity you have chosen by:

  1. a) Outlining and briefly explaining at least 5 tasks required in the process of undertaking
    this activity?
  2. b) Identifying the required resources for each task?
    c) Identifying the assigned personnel to each task and their responsibilities?
    d) Explaining the method used to monitor the completion of the task?


Please follow this action plan table to complete this task:



Resources required
Responsible for
the task and their

Monitoring, who
supervises this task
and what method


Question 4: Write a formal email to be sent to relevant personnel seeking approval for the action plan?


Question 5: Explain how the business assists and supports the required personnel that monitor each one of the tasks, in managing the process to guarantee its completion?


Question 6: How does the business measure and record the outcomes of the marketing activity you have chosen, against their marketing plan? Please explain?


Part B


Read the following case study and answer the question that follows:

You have been hired as a marketing manager for a reputable gym operating in Perth? Your sales team is composed of 2 experienced salespeople George and Anna, who have been working for the Gym for over 2 years? In the last month you have run a personal selling marketing campaign where your sales team offered the 2 main monthly memberships of the gym: Basic and Gold?

These are the sales/revenue objectives of the campaign (outlined in the marketing plan) for each sales person:


Sales person           Basic            Gold           Total
George             33,300            34,650           67,950
Anna             16,500           77,000         93,500
Total          49,800         111,650           161,450


Once the campaign has come to an end, you have received the following marketing activity report:


Day  Salesperson Membership sold Price Quantity
1 George Basic 1000 1
2 Anna Gold 3500 3
3 George Basic 1000 4
4 Anna Basic 1000 4
5 George Gold 3500 5
6 Anna Basic 1000 4
7 George Basic 1000 1
8 George Basic 1000 2
9 Anna Gold 3500 4
10 George Basic 1000 3
11 Anna Basic 1000 4
12 George Basic 1000 4
13 Anna Gold 3500 1
14 George Basic 1000 3
15 George Gold 3500 2
16 Anna Gold 3500 3
17 George Basic 1000 4
18 Anna Gold 3500 3
19 George Basic 1000 1
20 George Basic 1000 1
21 George Gold 3500 4
22 George Basic 1000 3
23 Anna Gold 3500 5
24 George Basic 1000 2
25 George Basic 1000 3
26 George Basic 1000 1
27 George Basic 1000 2
28 Anna Gold 3500 1
29 George Basic 1000 2
30 Anna Basic 1000 3


Question 1: Based on the information above, prepare a performance report for the marketing activity, please make sure you:

a) Provide a brief assessment of the results of the marketing activity, against the expected marketing objectives?

b) Identify and explain at least 2 possible strengths and 2 possible weaknesses of this
campaign and discuss what can be done to maximize the strengths and minimize the

c) Analyzed and assess the performance of the staff involved in the marketing activity? What can be done to improve their performance?

d) Provide at least 2 recommendations to improve the general undertaking of this
marketing activity?


Part C

Question 1: What important lessons have you learned during the completion of these tasks in relation to?

• Problem solving
• Planning and organizing


Please explain each one of them in your own words