Individual Final Coursework Assignment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 2500


Individual Final Coursework


Individual Final Coursework


Answer the following questions in report format:


  1. Term structure of interest rates shows the relationship between yield to maturity and the term to maturity.
    1. Describe briefly THREE theories that explain the term structure and explain the shapes of yield curve under each theory respectively. (15 marks)
    2. Explain how yield curve is a useful indicator for economic forecasting. (15 marks)


  1. “Duration is useful to explain the change of bond price, including callable bond.” Explain the validity of the statement. (30 marks)


  1. Dividend discount model is commonly used to calculate the intrinsic value of the stock.
    1. Identify and explain briefly FIVE disadvantages of dividend discount model in general. (10 marks)
    2. Compare and contrast constant growth model and variable growth model for stock valuation. (20 marks)


  1. Marks will be given for writing skill, presentation skill, analytical skills, referencing and word limit. (10 marks)


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