Communication & Negotiation Skills Assignment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 3000




Scenario: Negotiating for a Promotion


An advertisement has been placed on your company’s and on major recruitment websites for a great opportunity to be employed as Country Manager at ABC insurance company in the UAE.


You read the job description and believe you are a fir for this position. You want to negotiate with the General Manager, Dr David Smith, that you would like to excel and get promoted as the ‘Country Manager’, from your current position as the ‘Dubai’s Branch Manager’. This position will provide you with many opportunities such as a higher salary, more responsibilities, and utilizing more of your technical and leadership skills.


In addition, you have been working with the company since September 2015 as a full-time employee and have made enormous contributions to the organization. From your experience, you have also determined that Dr Smith is a ‘thinker’ personality type as per The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


Answer the following questions:


Question One (Introduction): What would be your negotiation process? (150 words)

Question Two: What will be your BATNA? (200 words)

Question Three: What are the essential techniques and strategies in the context of negotiation? (250 words)

Question Four: Set two SMART goals. (200 words)

Question Five: What would be the objections of Dr David Smith (list minimum three objections)? (250 words)

Question Six: Why is it important to determine the objections? (150 words)

Question Seven: What strategies would you utilize to overcome the objections knowing his personality type? Give an example. (300 words)

Question Eight: What strategies would you utilize to make the best first impression? Give a minimum of two examples. (200 words)

Question Nine: Why is it important to negotiate with a sense of benefits for your negotiating partner? (200 words)

Question Ten: What strategies would you utilize to achieve the sense of benefits for your negotiating partner? (250 words)

Question Eleven: What feedback techniques would you utilize to enhance your negotiations? (250 words)

Question Twelve: What strategies would you utilize to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, and negotiating climate? What negotiating strategies and tools would you utilize to avoid failure? Explain in detail. (300 words)

Conclusions: Which techniques would you use in your current organization? (300 words)


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