Strategy Development and Implementation Assignment solutions to Questions


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Strategy development and implementation


Strategy development and implementation


Strategy development and implementation report Weight: 55% Format : 2750 -word written report (+10% tolerance) Summary In the first assessment, you used Porters Five Forces, VRIN and SWOT analyses to identify strategic issues and priorities that need to be addressed for the organisation to be competitive. It is now time to think about the strategy development and implemen tation process that will deliver superior value to customers more efficiently than rivals. Referencing is Australian Harvard (AGPS) and outlined in the AIB Style Guide .


Learning Outcomes (LO)


  1. Demonstrate advanced understanding of contemporary strategic management theory, concepts, and principles (LO#1).
  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of how strategy formulation & strategy implementation processes work in contemporary or ganisations (LO#2).
  3. Conduct an in -depth analysis of the internal and external environment using appropriate strategic management concepts and tools (LO#3).
  4. Evaluate different strategic alternatives and suggest an appropriate and ethical pathway for a busin ess to build and sustain competitive advantage (LO#4)
  5. Demonstrate ability to synthesise a range of business and management concepts when undertaking strategic analysis (LO#5) Task Building on your analysis in the first assessment, recommend competitive str ategies (e.g., broad low -cost strategy, focused low -cost strategy, broad differentiation strategy, focused differentiation strategy, best cost strategy) for the current competitive conditions.


Then, identify complementary strategic actions to maximise the overall strategy. Finally, examine the role of ethics, culture, sustainability, or leadership in relation to your recommended competitive strategy and strategic actions. Procedures Your report needs to address the following requirements:


  1. Recap the organisational and industry context (250 words).
  2. Briefly explain the strategic issues from your analysis in the first assessment and identify the key issues the organisation should prioritise and why (450 words).
  3. Recommend and justify competitive strategi es to address the prioritised strategic issues for the organisation in the current competitive conditions (500 words).
  4. Identify and evaluate complementary strategic actions that should be taken to strengthen the organisation’s competitive position and over all strategy (e.g., offensive, defensive, first mover strategy, blue -ocean strategy, merger, acquisition or strategic alliance) (800 words).
  5. Select and discuss two areas the organisation should consider in the implementation of the recommended strategy and complementary strategic actions (800 words):
  • Ethics Organisational culture
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  1. Conclude the report (200 words).