MGMT3028 Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Questions and Answers


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MGMT3028 Strategic Human Resource



MGMT3028 Strategic Human Resource Management



Final Assignment – Key points


  • You can access media articles for free using the library (Factiva). Instructions for access are provided on iLearn.


  • Your 3 discussions must be based on topics covered in Weeks 9, 10,11 (Performance & Rewards, HRD, Voice & Engagement). This is essential and not negotiable.


  • You must provide 3 discussions, not 6. You don’t have to provide 2 discussions per topic.


  • ¬†Remember that you must integrate those 2 media articles to provide a rich discussion (not a description of the media articles… we can read the articles in the appendix). The media articles are used as material to analyse real-life HR issues and relate them to SHRM topics, theory, etc. covered in the unit.


Final Assignment – Key points


  • The recommendation is to use different sources (ie. Discussion 1: SMH – AFR) for the same discussion rather than 2 media articles from the same source. This is just a recommendation and there are no penalties if you use the same source (ie. Discussion 1: SMH – SMH). The idea is to have a better discussion and avoid using 2 articles that could be basically the same (ie. follow up story from the same author). Different sources provide different approaches/perspectives and, that can contribute to your discussion.


  • At least 12 academic articles from the journal list. You also have to include the book and the 6 media articles in the reference list.


  • Please provide just 1 reference list at the end of your document as indicated in the template. Do not provide a reference list per discussion.


  • You must include the media articles (6) as an appendix. Not just a link to the media articles. For your references use APA or Harvard style. You also must cite the media articles in-text using the author…and remember that the author is not SMH or AFR