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 HCPRP003 Professional Networks


HCPRP003 Professional Networks and Associations


1.1 Explain how you evaluate your own work and why it is necessary to do so.


1.2 Conduct appropriate research into the five -factor model of personality Big Five theory and describe each of the five factors.


 1.3(a) criticizing a colleague work is not helpful. Why?


 1.3(b) how can feedback be delivered so that it is productive and useful?


 1.4 What are 10 critical aspects of receiving and giving feedback?


 2.1(a) Why is it important to ask for feedback from other members of your work group and not just your supervisor?


 2.1(b) when seeking feedback from colleagues you must be receptive to the feedback. List six things you can do to show that you are receptive to feedback.


2.2(a) what are the benefits of participating in professional networks and associations to obtain and maintain personal knowledge and skills?


 2.2(b) In your local community, research the available support networks and provide a list of three services and a summary of their services.


2.3(a) List at least four different types of learning styles and describe which one you relate to and why.


2.3(b) what current competencies do you believe you should develop and how do you plan to develop these competencies?


2.3(c) what specialist advice might you need and how would you access it?

2.3(d) describe the importance of employees seeking further training and advice. What would be the implications to the organizations if no training was offered or promoted?

2.4(a) what is self -care?


 2.4(b) what are the six areas addressed by a self -care plan?


 2.4(c) What can you do to augment physical and psychological self -care?


2.5(a) what are five questions you should consider when determining and developing your professional development goals?


 2.5(b) Identify a personal goal that you wish to develop. Use the SMART goals and devise a plan of how you will attain that goal.


 3.1. Explain how new research results and best practice information can be assimilated into the services provided by an Organisation.


 3.2. How do codes of ethics affect professional, community service delivery?


3.3. Research your local community for industry experts that you could consult and source information from to better your practice. This includes specialist or external providers. List three providers or specialists and provide a summary of their services along with an explanation of the type of information that they could provide you.


 3.4. Describe the steps you might follow in self -management.