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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Assignment


You are required to prepare a business model canvas for a startup company or a new venture/project you are involved with.


The business model canvas offers a tool for creating a visual representation of your strategy, the products you offer, the customers you serve, the value propositions your offer, how your company makes money and the paths you take and resources you use to make your business as successful as possible. You may use the free template provided here


Your submission should also include a written rationale of 2500 words with a brief overview of your startup company/new venture/project, a detailed reasoning or justification for the decisions and choices you have made in every segment (building block) of the business model canvas, an appendix with any relevant resources you have considered, and a reference list (APA 6th edition referencing). The reference list and the appendix are NOT included in the word count.


You are also required to submit a video presentation where you explain the key arguments, data and information you have considered when you designed the business model canvas, whilst making direct reference to the canvas and any relevant sources you have used.

The duration of the video presentation should be of 5 minutes.

  • The business model canvas with the written rationale submission carries 60 marks.
  • The video submission of your presentation carries 30 marks.
  • Class participation carries 10 marks.


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