CSE2UI Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Solutions to Questions

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Computer Science



Department of Computer Science and Information Technology


CSE2UI/CSE5UX Assignment Two (assessment 3)



Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of UI development

Delays caused by computer downtime cannot be accepted as a valid reason for a late submission without penalty. Students must plan their work to allow for both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

The LMS will be configured to allow you to submit as many times as you like, the most recent version will be marked.

A penalty of 5% per day will be imposed on all late assignments up to 5 days (date). An assignment submitted more than five days after the due date will NOT be accepted and zero mark will be assigned.

Students will not be granted an extension of the assignment deadline. Students are requested to apply for special consideration through Student Centre. In addition, students are advised to submit whatever incomplete work they have already done for the assignment.

If you change your submission after the due date it is considered a late submission and will incur a 5% penalty for each day that it is late.

Copying, Plagiarism

This is an individual assignment. You are explicitly instructed not to work in groups.

Plagiarism is the submission of somebody else’s work in a manner that gives the impression that the work is your own. For individual assignments, plagiarism includes the case where two or more students work collaboratively on the assignment. The Department of Computer Science and IT treats plagiarism very seriously. When it is detected, penalties are strictly imposed.

Submission Guidelines

You are required to upload your solutions to the LMS. The deliverables are your projects with source code that your solution needs to function (separate zip or rare file for each solution), as well as the video file.

You are not permitted to use any sort of automated code generation tools or programs.

Problem Description

This assignment requires you to implement a gesture keyboard which also supports text-editing command input by drawing gestures. As the gesture keyboard was initially designed to input text by dragging the cursor over the letters in the desired word, you need to figure out a way to distinguish between text input and command input. For example, you draw a gesture from the key “s”, “a”, “v” and “e” on the keyboard. By default, you enter the word “save”. But how can you enter the command “save” by drawing a similar gesture?

This assignment is based on the lab of week 9 and assessment 2. In the lab of week 9, we have developed the Gesture Keyboard. In assessment 2, you have proposed solutions to differentiate text input and command input on gesture keyboards. In this assignment, you need to select some solutions and implement them. If you have new solutions, you can also use and implement them.

Rules and Requirements

 Your program should be developed in Python.

 Your program must run correctly.

 Your program should support both word and command input on the gesture keyboard.

 Your code must be easy to read with necessary comments.

 Make sure you have read this document and all relevant documentation.

Task Overview

Before you start your assignment, please do the following:

  1. Ensure you have completed labs in weeks 8 and 9.
  2. Start this assignment on the basis of the lab in week 9.
  3. Carefully read your assessment 2.
  4. Carefully read this document.

Here are the main tasks you need to do for this assignment.

Step 1 – Select solutions for the problem in Assignment 2

The first step is to determine solutions you plan to implement for this assignment. You can select solutions proposed in assessment 2. If you have new solutions, you can also adopt them for implementation. Note that the solutions in assessment 2 are not compulsory to implement in this assessment.

Step 2 – Select commands for gesture keyboard interaction

In the template.py (self word list), there are four command-related words: ‘copy’, ‘redo’, ‘undo’, ‘save’. Your solution can take them as example commands.

Step 3 – Implement your solutions

You need to implement your solutions with Python on the gesture keyboard developed in the lab of week 9.

Here is an example solution. To input the word “save”, the user just need to drag the cursor over the keys “s”, “a”, “v” and “e”. To input the command “save”, the user can double click on the vicinity of the key “s” and the draw a gesture from the keys “s”, “a”, “v” and “e” on the keyboard.

Such a way can be used to differentiate text input and command input on gesture keyboards. Your application should support both text and command input. Text entry should be the same as the gesture keyboard in the lab of week 9. For command input, the application should generate a message box showing which command is triggered (as shown below). If not a command of the four (‘copy’, ‘redo’, ‘undo’, ‘save’), the message box should show “Not a command”.

Note that for most solutions, you just need to add and revise code in the module text_entry_window.py to implement your solutions.

You need to have your solution projects in separate zip or rare files and submit them separately to LMS.

Step 4 – Record a video
You need to record a short video walkthrough of your implemented solutions (you can do it with
Zoom or Camtasia used in assessment 1e), in which you will demonstrate how your solutions work.