CHCCCS007 Implement Service Programs Assignment Solutions to Questions


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CHCCCS007 Implement Service Programs



CHCCCS007  Implement Service Programs


Service Program Presentation

For this assessment task you are required to:-
Design a community service program and prepare a 10-minute presentation to outline their program based on the information provided. Learners have the option to complete the task independently or in pairs. Triple A (Access All Areas) Community Services. You are employed as a Manager with Triple a Community Services. You have been seconded from your role as Senior Programs Manager, to design a new program which is being funded to the tune of $300,000 by the Federal Government.


The Government has identified three focus areas that they want addressed across the Nation. Service providers are being asked to pilot a 12-month program, Focusing on one of the key priority areas:

Healthy Intimate Relationships (Primary audience – 16 – 25 year old’s, but can be expanded or changed); Social Integration for refugee communities; Safe streets after dark. As part of your secondment to the role, you must design a comprehensive program that details the following elements:


Program Plan including:

· Clearly identified target audience or community
· Clearly identified program goals
· Project plan and implementation strategies (possibly including GANTT Chart or similar)
· Evidence-based reasoning to the program methodology
· Budget plan
· Communication plan


Program resources:

· Staffing including Program and management / coordination)
· Materials and physical space
· Other (may include website / social media accounts etc)


Governance and Risk matrix:

· Governance accountability matrix
· Risk assessment matrix


Program Evaluation

· Data collection methodology
· Feedback processes
· Continuous improvement methodology