ACCT20071 Foundations in Accounting Assignment Questions and Answers


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ACCT20071 Foundations in Accounting



ACCT20071 Foundations in Accounting



Note: Complete in a group of FOUR students. Assignment length should represent about 300-400 words per contributing student. You must mention the name of the contributing student against his or her work in the heading/section/subsection. Video must also show the names of the students in sequence in which they first appear on the screen.


Please read carefully: ASSIGNMENT QUESTION


Part 1: The Written submission (10 marks)


Based on insights from relevant literature, explain the meaning of the quality of CSR the Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. Compare and critically evaluate the CSR reporting by two selected companies (same companies that you have used in Assignment 1) to identify their primary and secondary stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, customers, lenders, suppliers, local charities, various interest groups, government and more. Which company would you argue has disclosed better quality of CSR reporting?


Part 2- The presentation (10 marks):


You are required to submit a video presentation of 5-6 minutes duration based on part 1 of this assignment. This presentation is an opportunity to talk about the main points in your written work above and help you enhance your communication and presentation skills. Groups using voice-over or narrated PowerPoint shall receive only minimum marks in presentation style and quality criterion. All the group members must participate in the presentation (It is not enough that one person is presenting, and others are just standing in the background). We will not mark any content beyond 6 minutes. My advice is don’t wait until the last minute to make this recording as it might take one or two trial runs.


How to produce your video: Here are some links to different types of technologies that you can use to record your video:


mac.html? utm_source=product&utm_medium=cmac&utm_campaign=cm1


2. Voice thread –


3. You tube –


4. You are free to use any other source of video creation, provided the marker can view your


Plan and delegation of the work: As a group assignment, please plan and delegate the work initially. You must discuss how you plan to approach and complete your assignment, milestones, timeframes for achieving the milestones etc. Do not postpone the work until the last week. Please bring any disputes to the attention of the unit coordinator ASAP. You must keep copies/proofs of your work to resolve any future conflicts.